Organic Garden Project exists to bring the community of local sustainable food producers together. OGP is a hub of information regarding urban farms and gardens that are already in existence as well as ideas for the future of local sustainable food production.

OGP will work daily to compile inspiring and informative articles, interviews, videos and photos about local sustainable food production. We also post the occasional "random dose of inspiration" which is not specific to food production but always promises to inspire.

OGP invites urban farmers, community gardeners, city planners, designers, architects and others who have an interest in the sustainable production of local food to discuss ideas and share resources. Our hope is that through this exchange those that are interested in starting farms or gardens in their own community will gain the insight and inspiration to launch a project and find a community of support on OGP that will help them to succeed. By bringing the design community together with the farming and gardening community we can create new and innovative ways to bring affordable healthy food to all communities.