Farm Bus Brings Healthy Food to Community

Virginia businessman Mark Lilly discovered there were people in his community of Richmond who did not have access to healthy food and decided to do something about it. He bought an old school bus on the internet and began stocking it with organic produce sourced from local farms.

Intent on bringing healthy choices to the local “food deserts”, he and his wife Suzy began parking the bus in an abandoned supermarket parking lot and occasionally in front of fast food restaurants in order to make their point. It’s not enough to simply make good food available, according to Mr. Lilly, you have to change the mindset. “Folks here are addicted to bad food and first you’ve got to wean them off it before you can sell them the good stuff,” he says. He and his wife try to ease the transition by giving out cooking advice and recipe leaflets. Their approach seems to be working, they’ve already bought a second bus and hope to one day have an entire fleet.
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