Carpinteria School Creates Healthy Food Program

photo by David Petrie

Carpinteria High School in Santa Barbara County, California has developed a healthy food program that started with an organic garden. The students quickly embraced the garden and the program has continued to grow. The school’s horticulture class tends the garden every couple of days, the veterinary science students contribute their stable sweepings to the compost pile, the culinary class uses the food grown in the garden as does the cafeteria where lunch is prepared daily using the fresh organic produce.

The garden was started with the support of Carpinteria Unified School District Superintendent Paul Cordeiro who believes that health and education are related, and that garden and culinary classes play an important role in the quality of student’s lives. Carpinteria’s healthy food program continues to grow with plans for a new culinary kitchen where adult classes will also be offered and an on-campus community garden made available to families.
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