Seed Bomb Vending Machines Hit LA & San Francisco

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Vending machines selling seed bombs are popping up in Los Angeles and one that we know of in front of Bi-Rite Market, one of our favorite food stops in San Francisco. Designers from Common Studio have repurposed old gumball machines and placed them strategically in urban locations. Pop in a coin and out rolls a “bomb” made of seeds and compost encased in clay. What guerrilla gardener can resist a ready made seed bomb? Check out the list of seed bomb vending machine locations.

In addition to making the world a more beautiful place, guerrilla gardeners can sleep well knowing that proceeds from the vending machines are donated to Project H Design, who apply their talents to improve the lives of the socially overlooked. Look for an OGP post on this amazing organization in the near future!
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Spain’s Newest Sport: Guerrilla Gardening

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

On the heels of la Tomatina, the hugely popular annual tomato fight in Spain, comes Batalla Verde or Green Battle. Batalla Verde is a form of guerrilla gardening where organizers first locate a site in need of greening. Any large field will do, whether it’s a vacant lot, rooftop or abandoned construction site. Players show up armed with green mud balls filled with seeds and begin pelting each other, paintball style, until they and the field are covered in the green mud. It’s good fun, costs virtually nothing and in 2-3 weeks the once unsightly battlefield becomes a beautiful garden.
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