PROFILE: Added Value Urban Farm in NYC

This new video from Inhabitat profiles Added Value, a non-profit urban farm in Brooklyn that promotes the sustainable development of the Red Hook community by inviting teenagers from the neighborhood to participate in urban farming projects. Added Value is focused on teaching life skills that extend beyond urban farming.
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Chicago Rooftop Haven for Urban Agriculture

The Gary Comer Youth Center Roof Garden is an after-school learning space for youth and seniors in a neighborhood with little access to safe outdoor environments. Last year alone, it produced over 1,000 pounds of organic food used by students, local restaurants and the centerís café.
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New Generation of Farmers Focused on Sustainable Practices

In this article, Lesley Lammers discusses the passing of the baton from one generation of farmer to the next, citing the demographic of these new farmers as college educated and showing a 30% increase in women since 2002.
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Seed Bomb Vending Machines Hit LA & San Francisco

Vending machines selling seed bombs are popping up in Los Angeles and one that we know of in front of Bi-Rite Market, one of our favorite food stops in San Francisco. Designers from Common Studio have repurposed old gumball machines and placed them strategically in urban locations.
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New York's First Hydroponic Rooftop Farm

Gotham Greens plans to produce 30 tons of produce annually with the first hydroponic rooftop farm in New York. Constructed on a church rooftop in Jamaica, Queens, at an estimated cost of $1.4 million, the 12,000 square foot greenhouse is powered by 2,000 square feet of solar panels and captures rainwater for irrigation.
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Carpinteria School Creates Healthy Food Program

Carpinteria High School in Santa Barbara County, California has developed a healthy food program that started with an organic garden. The students quickly embraced the garden and the program has continued to grow.
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Farm Bus Brings Healthy Food to Community

Virginia businessman Mark Lilly discovered there were people in his community of Richmond who did not have access to healthy food and decided to do something about it. He bought an old school bus on the internet and began stocking it with organic produce sourced from local farms.
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